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Brown Boobies Nesting in the Channel Islands National Park for the first time in recorded history

Adult male Brown Booby (Pacific)

A Male "Brewster's/Pacific" Brown Booby seen on Scorpion Rock years prior (2014) to their nesting on Sutil "rock/island" off of Santa Barbara Island.

Here is a link to the official Channel Islands National Park press release.

Short story shorter, the Brown Booby has apparently started colonizing the smallest and remotest island in the Channel Islands National Park. Actually not the main island, a small islet off the southwest side of the island. Trips to this Park Island have been restricted to researchers since the natural demolition of the landing platform on island in a massive swell in early 2016. Here is the official park press statement for that incident:

Recently the island is again open to visitors. The official concessionaire to the Channel Islands National Park, Island Packers, does not have any trips planned this year (2017) and will evaluate options for 2018. The island is open to visitors but access is difficult due to the physical nature of the rocky shore landing.

Link to the official opening of the island.

I personally can't wait to see this active nesting colony with my own eyes. Those of you who were on the Island Packers Pelagic Birding Trip on October 7th, 2017 may have been the first to see the early stages of nesting here!

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