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February 2021, Island Scrub-Jay Pelagic

Island Scrub-Jay

Hello everyone. If you have been cooped up for far too long and would like to get out for some fresh air and open ocean we have a trip for you! Island Packers has scheduled one of our highly popular Island Scrub-Jay/Pelagic trips for the end of February on the 28th. We will depart Ventura Harbor at 8 am aboard one of our high speed catamarans, and will return at 5 pm.

This is a combination trip with a landing at Prisoners Harbor, Santa Cruz Island to view the endemic Island Scrub-Jay, followed by some Pelagic Birding in and around the Santa Barbara Channel. This has been a very popular trip in years past so we are happy we can offer it again this year. We will enforce all of our usual Pandemic Protocols (Masks required, limited capacity, disinfecting the boat, social distancing).

To book your trip you can visit the Island Packers website and Make a Reservation --> Special Trips --> Feb 28th. Or give a call to (805) 642-1393

The trip is $125 for a 9 hr day. We will have leaders aboard to help spot birds and assist passengers with identification.

Check out what past trips have been like by Clicking Here

I also neglected to put out a post from our last Pelagic back in November. We normally don't offer Pelagics in November but perhaps we might have to make it a regular thing! We ended up with nice weather and plenty of birds. Our path first took us through the Santa Barbara Channel, then south of the Channel Islands into deep water, and we were still able to spend some time near Anacapa Island getting some views of rare birds along the shoreline. I anticipate that we will soon have dates for our tradition summer and fall pelagics and I will keep you all updated as things progress.

Here are the highlights from November: All Photos, Credit David Pereksta

Brown Booby on Anacapa

A rare encounter with a Short-tailed Shearwater

Rhinoceros Auklet, one of my favorites

Common Murre looking sharp

A leucistic Black-vented Shearwater (lacking pigment in certain areas)

American Oystercatcher (A difficult bird to find in California)

American Oystercatcher (Anacapa Island)

Leucistic Black-vented Shearwater

Bald Eagle

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